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Eco Friendliness
We care for our environment, and we do our best to contribute.

While we stay ahead in technology, we do not forget that keeping our environment clean is equally our responsibility. Our products are made of non-toxic dyes that are human skin-friendly. We have the Oeko-tex certification, which ensures that all our products meet the highest ecology standards. This global certification is a benchmark for quality assurance in the textile manufacturing industry.

With the growing population, the textile industry is ought to grow and flourish. But this does not mean compromising with the environment and human health. Our manufacturing units are designed to minimize energy consumption at each level and use alternative energy resources wherever possible.

Bringing life to Fabrics

Care for your clothes like your good friends
Recycled water in our Units: An attempt to water conservation

We are active environmental enthusiasts and, therefore, use recycled water sourced from a community water treatment unit. This means that the waste water generated during any process is sent to a recycling unit, and then the recycled water is acquired again for manufacturing purposes. This means we use minimal new water resources, contributing to water conservation which is a significant issue at present.

An Active Member of GRS

Recycling is essential for a sustainable future. Our association with the Global recycled standard process is another feather in our cap. This certification is related to recycled content and fabrics. It states that a company complies with environmental, social and chemical practices. Some of our prestigious clients and partners use certified regenerated fibers in their products. We are delighted to work with such conscious brands.

Promoting Renewable Energy Resources

We also take renewable power consumption to the next level by establishing windmills at our units. A significant proportion of energy consumed at our plants is renewable energy sources. Therefore, we contribute in each possible way to a better environment.