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Quality Control

A Quality manufacturing system does not restrict itself to the concept of parameter matching inside the laboratory as per the product specifications. We at Jay Bharat feel that quality means right from the quality of raw materials used (chemicals, dyes, etc.) to the storage and treatment on the machines (process parameters, etc.) till the finished good (quality and specification adherence). All these must be as per the stipulated quality guidelines in order to manufacture a quality product which can be used by our clients and worn by our end consumers.

As a part of the manufacturing organization, thus, quality is everybody’s responsibility, everyone involved from the beginning to the end of the value chain. We take utmost pride in reinforcing these guidelines and living them through our processes. Clear ownership of each individual’s work area and systems like preventive maintenance and root cause analysis, help us in establishing an end-to-end quality focus.

Thus, through fully automated PLC driven machines and the best-in-class laboratory equipment, we have tried to provide the right infrastructure which further promotes our quality vision and the company’s ‘customer delight’ philosophy.