Bringing life to fabrics!



The group companies are managed by professionally qualified personnel, having an expertise in the field of administration and management. Chaired by Mr. Jitendra Arya at the seat of the Managing Director of the Jay Bharat Group, the individual group companies are headed by the corresponding company Director(s) on a day-to-day basis. Most of them are budding entrepreneurs who have shared a common vision with Mr. Arya and have worked towards making each of the ventures a very successful one.

Mr. Rajesh Gupta and Mr. Vishal Kejriwal head the Jay Bharat Dyeing and Printing Pvt. Ltd. as Directors. They have been instrumental in making the firm a leading textile processing house with a capacity to process 6 million meters of fabric on a daily basis.

The group has further appointed departmental heads to look after the everyday activities of the company. The group has developed managerial information system (MIS) to update and guide the management with best possible solutions to all kinds of potential problems. This has made the company extremely reliable in terms of ensuring long term success and continual growth.

The key idea is to make the firm system dependent and not human dependent. Besides, with a well-trained and experienced management team, the company assures the best quality of services along with optimal utilization of the resources, keeping in mind the environment and all its essentialities. Further, the company’s dedication towards protecting the nature through the use of only eco-friendly chemicals and dyes, as well as making the firm 80% energy independent through the use of renewable energy has set a new benchmark in the industry.