Bringing life to fabrics!



The designing process forms the heart of any textile manufacturing operation. Unless the design catches the imagination of the consumers and is implemented to perfection, any amount of hard work and state-of-the-art infrastructure will not be able to deliver the targeted output. Hence, right from the inception of Jay Bharat 25 years back, we have had a history of providing some of the best design management folks in our creative design team.

Experience, skill and attention to detail are the attributes which we value very strongly especially when it comes to our design team. There is absolutely no compromise in terms of the no. of iterations as may be needed to get the end result as targeted. We have systems and equipment in place to optimize the effort needed for the same and prevent re-works. Besides, high proficiency in using various designing software enables our creative team to exactly replicate our clients’ needs and always exceed expectations.

Having robust systems with sampling plans and the required infrastructural and laboratory support ensures that we are able to match the wide portfolio of designing required to cater the highly segmented domestic as well as international (export) market.