Bringing life to fabrics!




Jay Bharat Group of companies, headed by Mr. Jitendra Arya since 1985, started its business with the flagship company Jay Bharat Dyeing And Printing Pvt Ltd. The core competency in the textiles sector was built with the foundation in polyester dyeing and printing. The sheer quality of the fabrics processed at Jay Bharat Dyeing and Printing, using the then latest technology machines from India and abroad, brought immediate success to the group. With a clear vision and concrete understanding of the various market segments, the group under the able guidance of Mr. Arya started expanding the portfolio by entering into the manufacturing of yarns and yarn dyeing as well.

While expanding laterally, the company always focused first on penetrating deep into the core segments it operated in. With processing capacity of over 6 million metres per month at Jay Bharat Dyeing and Printing, the company started two other processing houses catering to other fabrics like cotton, viscose, p.v., etc. using state-of-the-art imported machinery.

Today the group operates in various fields such as yarn spinning, natural yarns and polyester processing, production of spinning goods, flex printing as well as in green power. Undertaking the responsibility of keeping the environment a green and healthy place, the Jay Bharat group got its processing houses Oeko-tex certified, which ensures the meeting of the highest ecological standards in textile processing.

Thus, with a strong focus on quality and high market credibility & presence, today the Jay Bharat group operates 10 firms under its gamut ranging from yarns to manufacturing of ready-made garments.