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We at Jay Bharat group make truly eco-friendly products keeping both the environment and human safety in mind. At a minimum, the products are completely non-toxic, good for the human skin and also help to keep the earth a greener and better place to live.

Thus, Jay Bharat Dyeing and Printing Pvt. Ltd. has been certified with one of the most prestigious OEKO-TEX standard -100 certification consistently since 2009. This certification is a reassurance for our deserving consumers that our brand meets the highest human ecology standards. In addition, we are contributing to a safer textile industry in our country.

As our population continues to grow and as the economy for most developing countries enters the middle and upper middle class, the demand for textiles will continue to grow. To meet this demand without sacrificing our health and the health of our planet, we simply must find sustainable textile solutions.

The OEKO-TEX label is a recognized benchmark for the consumers and also serves as an additional quality assurance tool for the manufacturer. The concept has become established as a safety standard throughout textile manufacturing chain and enables checks to be made for any harmful substances at each stage in the production process.

The Jay Bharat Group is not following a trend but rather creating one by being a predecessor in promoting eco-friendly and green measures right from the raw materials, chemicals to the mode of energy on which the industries operate.

Be the change, be nature friendly with the Jay Bharat group products. For those who are reluctant to change, the trends show that more and more retailers are responding to a rising demand for eco-friendly textile and apparel goods from environmentally conscious manufacturers. Hence, we would love to continue the trend and always stay a step ahead as far as the environmental needs are concerned.