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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

India was the first country in the world to set up a ministry of non-conventional energy resources, in the early 1980s.

Jay Bharat Group has been associated with wind energy farms since 2004 and is producing green energy to provide to the grid.

The development of wind power in India began in 1990s, and has significantly increased over the last few years. Domestic policy support for wind power has led India to become the world’s fifth largest wind power generator.

JB group managing heads took keen interest in making the group self-reliant in its energy needs and hence, started to operate wind turbines almost a decade ago.

As it is said that a wise seed shown will reap wise fruits, the Jay Bharat group believes in it very strongly and also follows it by fulfilling 80% of its energy needs today through green energy.

Power generation through wind mill is considered as one of the most advantageous to the environment and the Jay Bharat group takes a keen interest in saving nature’s valuable assets in every possible way. Thus, selecting wind energy amongst the many options available in the market, the Jay Bharat Group lives up to its concern towards the nature. We here at Jay Bharat strongly believe in keeping the world, a beautiful place to live.

JB Group is proud to being  a green company of India and will continue to further build on its renewable energy capacity as a part of its 2020 mission.