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Export Printing

Export Printing

The printed saree industry has its widest and deepest roots in the city of Surat. We, being pioneers in this field, have taken pride in taking this core competency even beyond borders to reach out to the entire world. Today, even women living in other countries love to wear printed sarees. Our best-in-class manufacturing technology coupled with the use of Oeko-tex certified eco-friendly chemicals results in the finest quality of export printing dresses and sarees.

State-of-the-art fully computerized 12 colour (Laxmi-make) rotary machines and a highly skilled, quality conscious technical team together manufactures some of the most outstanding printed fabric designs. A highly experienced design team ensures that our global partners and foreign clients get a hassle-free service matching their taste and the latest trends. The fitting accuracy is unmatched thanks to our well-equipped laboratory facilities which drive our stringent quality norms and printing specifications. We welcome our buyers to perform sample pre-checks if necessary, in order to build their confidence in our work before the final order is printed.

Our trained and specialized technicians thoroughly understand the export standards and the corresponding needs. We have a clear dedicated section for export printing which has truly imbibed the export culture and has been consistently delivering meeting the highest customer satisfaction levels, creating a new benchmark in the industry.